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​​Water Well Services takes pride in our strong attributes that include Quality Workmanship, Respectful and Honest Service to our Customers.

About Us

Co-Owners Left to Right: Mr. Hector & Leo Quintanilla 


Safety Matters

Water Well Services Inc. through the  years has cultivated a safe working culture.  The safe culture has proven to always prevail in keeping our employees, community, and the environment safe.

This safe culture was created from within the organization and its commitment towards safety. 

The organization has and continues to be proactive in today’s industry with its performance, policies, and procedures.  Every employee within the company has been given a safety leadership role obligating them to stop any unsafe act or job task.  Management is also committed to a core principle that no job task or operation is so important that it should jeopardize the safety of the employees, the community, or the environment.  Water Well Services Inc. understands that our people are our greatest assets and management fully supports the safe work culture to ensure the safety of our people.

Water Well Services Inc. is committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the health and safety of all those affected by their operations and the environment.  The company continues to excel in the services they provide by conducting an efficient, productive, and safe operation. 

Water Well Services Inc. will continue to work safely now and in the future.  Proper planning, techniques, and our commitment to safety will continue cultivating those around us.  The safe culture we have created and live by day to day at Water Well Services Inc. will directly impact those whom request our service in a positive way.  

Pleasanton, Texas - Service Units 

Water Well Services, Inc. is located in the heart of Pleasanton, Texas which keeps us tied too all of South Texas with a reach to all Texas Areas.  Water Well Services takes pride in our strong attributes that include Quality Workmanship, Respectful and Honest Service to our Customers. The services that we proudly offer include Water Well Drilling and Pump Installation Services for most well types, such as Municipal, Industrial, Oil Field Supply, Rehabilitation, Agriculture and Irrigation.  WWS has been operating Drilling Rigs for 27+ years with depth ranges up to to 7,000’ and Service Rigs ranging from 8 ton to 50 ton units. Our trusty equipment includes:  Atlas Copco RD 20, Cabot 750 and other 350hp to 600hp drilling rigs.  Our service equipment includes Pulstar P20’s to Smeal R36’s. 

WWS is always pleased to report to any potential customers, staff qualifications:

  • Drilling Superintendent’s with 40+ years of experience in Water/Oil & Gas Drilling

  • Service Superintendent, a 3rd generation Pump Installer, with 20+ years’ experience

  • All Superintendent’s Licensed with the Texas Dept. of Licensing & Reg. as Master Pump Installers 

We also provide a wide range of factory lines that include submersible turbine, line shaft turbine well pumps, and centrifugal systems and are currently a service/repair center for most lines of these pumps.  To complement our water well work, we also provide installation and repairs to booster pumps, electric motors, sewage pumps and control panels and supply camera surveys.                 

In addition to our Quality lines of products, we are fortunate to have a Affiliated Companies, Quintanilla Management that supports us in various industries. Our connection to QMC and its ever growing group of diverse corporations, gives WWS a very strong foundation in this market.  Water Well has serviced our local and surrounding areas for such a long period of time that we have developed very strong client relationships available as references.  Under QMC, we can now assist our clients with a wide range of services in multiple industries with our current affiliated companies.  Our pride in the motto “One Stop Shop”, has proven itself over the years, and we are honored that you are considering becoming a part of our foundation.